Vident iAuto700, iAuto702, iAuto708 Series Comparison

Here provides table comparison between Vident iauto series scanners, including iauto700, iauto702 pro, iauto708, iauto708 pro, iauto708 elite.

Features Comparison Chart
Function                             Model
iAuto700 iAuto702*iAuto702PRO iAuto708 iAuto708 LITE iAuto708PRO
OBDII/EOBD+CAN Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Systems Scan All ABS,SRS* All Engine,AT, ABS,SRS* All
Car Make Coverage All All All All All
Read Code Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clear Code Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Freeze Frame Data(FFD) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
System Information Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Active Test Yes
Adaptation Yes
Common Special Service/Functions
1 Oil Light Service/Reset Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 EPB                                   (Electronic Parking Brake) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 BRT                                  (Battery Configuration) Yes Yes Ÿ Yes Yes
4 DPF                          (Regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter) Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 TBA/TPS                           (Throttle Body Alignment) Yes Yes Yes
6 Injector Coding Yes Yes
7 TPMS                                       (Tire Pressure Measuring Sensor Reset) Yes Yes
8 SAS                                 (Steering Angle Sensor Reset) Yes Yes Yes
9 Immobilizer Programming Yes
10 Gear Learning Yes Yes
11 ABS Bleed Yes Yes
12 Gearbox Match Yes
13 Suspension Match Yes
14 Sunroof Initialization Yes
15 AFS                                       (Adaptive Front Lighting System) Yes
16 Adjuste Fuel Yes
17 Odometer Yes Yes
18 Clutch Adaptation Yes
19 Dashboard Language Change Yes
20 Seat Match Yes
21 Turbo Match Yes
22 Prime Fuel Pump(PFP) Yes
23 Door Window Calibration Yes

iAuto702:  Special service /function is optional and chargeable.
iAuto702/702 PRO:  All function of ABS & SRS
iAuto704, iAuto708 LITE: Basic function of ABS & SRS

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