How to use Vident iBT100 to test Hyundai GEL CCA Battery?

Have Vident iBT100 12v battery tester to test Hyundai Battery with GEL type and CCA Rating, the test result is good.


Here we go for procedure:

Connect the negative pole first, then the positive pole (Very important).

Vident iBT100 battery tester will boot soon.

Use Vident Ibt100 1


Have battery voltage: 12.5V

Use Vident Ibt100 2


Select battery location “In vehicle”, or choose “Out of vehicle” according to your need.

Use Vident Ibt100 3


Select the battery type: GEL.

Use Vident Ibt100 4


Select battery standard “CCA” (other options: EN, DIN, IEC, SAE, IEC, SAE, JIS etc)

Use Vident Ibt100 5

Use Vident Ibt100 6


Input 640CCA by looking at the Hyundai battery label.

Use Vident Ibt100 7


Please wait…

Use Vident Ibt100 8

Use Vident Ibt100 9


Okay, have battery result: Good battery.

Volts: 12.56V

Measured: 787CCA

Rated: 640CCA

SOC: 95%



Job is done.


To sum up:

The test procedure is based on the actual battery parameters. Therefore, the test result by Vident iBT100 is very accurate.

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