How to Register and Update Vident iSmart900 Scanner?

How to register and update the Vident iSmart900Diagnostic Tool

Step 1. Connect the iSmart900 with internet.
Step 2. Tap “Update” on the home screen of the diagnostic application. Wait till the following screen displays.
Step 3. Tap “Register”.
Step 4. Fill out the registration form and tap “Register” to submit.
Step 5. When registration is finished, the initial logging screen would display. Click “Log In” and input your ID and Password.
Step 6. All available updates would display. Tap “update” all or Tap the download icon to install updates.
Step 7. When update done, the diagnostic software would restart automatically.

How to log the testing data with Vident iSmart 900 ?

The logging iconupdate-ismart900-5  appears on the upper right side of the diagnostic screen as long as the scanner is communicating with the vehicle. Just click it to record the communication data between the scan tool and the vehicle under test to help with troubleshooting of diagnostic failures. The logs could be saved to the scanner and sent to our server via internet.

To log data:
Tap the logging button while performing a test
To stop recording, please re-click the icon. Fill in the form and tap OK to upload the data to Vident server if you need any assistance from Vident support team. Or tap Cancel to exit data upload. The data would be saved whether the data is upload or not.
Manage the logs:
Select Stored Data Management from Data Management and click the Upload button to send them to our server.

Author: admin