How to Solve 04 Ram 1500 New Headlamp Assy Lamp Out?

Car model and year: 04 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab


Symptom and what I did:

Installed new headlamp assy on right and left. Truck cranked and headlamps or just parking lights on, no alarm or lamp out light. When you turn on the signals or hazards then the alarm comes on and the lamp out light is blinking. If you touch the brake the alarms go off and the lamp out blinking stops. No problems at all if you dont turn on the headlamps. I just cant have headlamps and signals unless I touch the brake. I have replaced both headlamp assy’s, both taillight connector boards, and all external lamps to include the CHMSL. Tag lamps also. No led’s.



I would beg/borrow a scanner that will check codes that a normal cheap scanner will not. I am betting you have FCM/BCM codes that will require a more expensive scanner to see.

Start looking at Fuse box (IPM) connections that plug into the bottom of it and the FCM/BCM that is bolted to it and has a large rectangle connection.

Search Google for pictures of Dodge Ram FCM, BCM, and IPM to see picture of them so you know what modules to look for.


I have a super chips programmer and it will not see all the codes that my Vident iLink400 will. It was inexpensive at $135.00 bucks and does some dealer level tests like TCM quick learn and other stuff.



Ordered new mopar front signal sockets and installed. Because I had thrown the old ones away. Cured all the lamp out issues.

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